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Alan Tang has been an active independent trader. He has been offering market analysis and trading advice to the public via the Forex stimulus since 2016. Alan teaches others how to trade by showing them how to create structure out of seemingly unstructured market activity.

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Trade Level

You may be new to forex so you need to know the Level. There are Risks things you need to know, some Broker they give you 1:100, 1:200 Level.

Spread & Commission

Forex brokers who offer fixed spreads apply trading restrictions around the time of news announcements, also some of them don't charge commision.


Not many Broker have the Good Bonus, one example is deposit bonus is a bonus offering percentage amount when you deposit money.


Many Brokers are offer a range of MT4 platforms, it is easy to use and friendly, also some of brokers they are build their own Platform. The point is, it is Free or Charge money.

Deposite and Fees

Many Forex Broker are got the transfer fees covered All major credit cards 100% covered. they are instant account funding and No hidden fees or commissions.

Over Night Interest

This is very importance point for Forex Trader, sometime you need to leave the position for many days, if the fair broker they will count the right Interest.

Trade Ideas

Hello Traders I love to trade pair of  AUD/JPY-0.67% it is low risks moving.. its very stable I will setting 77.3 for buying… Cheers Alan Tang Result next day

Hello Trader Some of my point of view about the pair EUR/MXN… the Mexican Peso is a High Risks Moving… TRADE WITH CARE. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT. ALAN TANG Next day with Correct Result

Hello Traders, I will try my best to post some ideas I can see This pair is trending down in the daily consolidation so a Buy on the break seems like a good idea. It might be the last fews days to see result Trade with care. Thank you for your support. Alan Tang Result...

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